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9 Best Programming Languages for AI 2023 Project Guide

For AI development, Scala is one of the best options and it has impressed the developers in that area. It was developed in the 1960s and has always been an adaptable and smart language. If your project requires modification of code, problem-solving, rapid prototyping, or dynamic development, Lisp is for you. Below are eight programming languages well-suited for AI development. Started in 2003 in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, our Development Company operates on a Global Scale in Asia, Europe, and America. Dirox’s team of technology consultants, business gurus, software & apps coders, and design visionaries bring you innovative solutions on time, on budget, and on quality.

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<p>Visit our website now, get to know our work methodologies and make the right technological decision to overcome the challenges of business digitalization. In any context Python has managed to position itself thanks to the ease with which users find it easy to learn and deploy. It also has a large community that offers support,  library development and countless forums around its implementation. Lisp, a name derived from “LISt Processor”, is the second-oldest high-level programming language still in use and is only one year younger than Fortran.</p>
<h2>R Programming Language</h2>
<p>Google and Facebook are known to develop javascript libraries. Speaking of libraries, Tenserflow.js library is famous for Machine Learning, whereas Brain.js is used for neural networking. On the downside, R lacks basic security due to which it can not be embedded into web applications. Over the years, AI has been assisting businesses to grow and unlock their  true potential.</p>
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