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mathematical optimization What libraries should I use for linear programming in python?

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The CPLEX Optimizers are particularly efficient and can solve very large problems rapidly. You can tune some CPLEX Optimizer parameters to change the algorithmic behavior according to your needs. DOcplex can help perform infeasibility analysis, which can get very complicated in large models. In this analysis, DOcplex may suggest relaxing one or more constraints. You can check that this point is indeed an extreme point of the feasible region.

The first argument in the function represents the name we want to give to our model. The second argument tells our model whether we want to minimize or maximize our objective function. The coefficients of the linear objective function to be minimized.


By deploying the following steps, any linear programming problem can be transformed into an equivalent standard form linear programming problem. That satisfies all of the constraints is called a feasible solution. We provide a standard form of a linear program and methods to transform other forms of linear programming problems into a standard form. The output of the above code is Optimal which tells us that our model has been able to find an optimal solution to the problem. You want to minimize the cost of shipping goods from 2 different warehouses to 4 different customers.

Chapter-4: Linear Programming Formulation With Gurobi Python API

That minimizes the cost function is called an optimal solution. A step by step introduction to formulating and solving a linear optimization problem using PuLP library in Python. The order of the coefficients from the objective function and left sides of the constraints must match. In this section, you’ll learn how to use the SciPy optimization and root-finding library for linear programming. In the previous sections, you looked at an abstract linear programming problem that wasn’t tied to any real-world application.


There are at most 5 units of Product 1 and 4 units of Product 2. Product 1 can be sold for 100 and Product 2 can be sold for 125. The objective is to maximize the profit for this production problem. Numpy is an array library, with some extra functionality tossed in for backwards compatibility.

Hands-On Linear Programming: Optimization With Python

Where $x$ denotes the vector of variables with size $n$, $A$ denotes the matrix of constraint coefficients, with $m$ rows and $n$ columns and $B$ is a vector of numbers with size $m$. Conceptually explain some standard terms related to LP, such as dual, feasible region, infeasible, unbounded, slack, reduced cost, and degenerate. In this article we will discuss how to solve linear programming problems with Gurobipy in Python. The above is a simple problem with a goal that can be expressed as a linear equation between 2 variables. So let’s breakdown the variables and understand the constraints as well.

In this case, x and y are the decision variables that are the unknowns of the mathematical programming model. The simplex algorithm, developed by George Dantzig in 1947, was the first generalized algorithm for solving LP problems. It starts with an initial feasible solution, and then tests to see if it can improve the result of the objective function. It continues until the objective function cannot be further improved. This graphic shows an example of an LP with multiple optimal solutions. This can happen when the slope of the objective function is the same as the slope of one of the constraints, in this case line AB.

The value 100 is large enough in this case because you can’t have more than 100 units per day. SciPy doesn’t allow you to define constraints using the greater-than-or-equal-to sign directly. The third product brings the largest profit per unit, so the factory will produce it the most. The profit per unit of product is $20, $12, $40, and $25 for the first, second, third, and fourth product, respectively.

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Almost all widely used linear programming and mixed-integer linear programming libraries are native to and written in Fortran or C or C++. Linear programming, also called mathematical programming, is a branch of mathematics that we use to solve a system of linear equations or inequalities to maximize or minimizesome linear function. The first step to solve the transportation problem is to put the problem data in the right structure for the Pulp library. We are going to create lists for the names of the warehouses and the names of the bars. Besides that, we need to create dictionaries for the demands, supplies, and costs.

As you can see, we are going to use the macro @objective with the following arguments, the name of our model, what type of problem that we are solving , and the objective function itself. As often happens, the “best result” required for linear programming in practice is maximum profit or minimum cost. The objective function in linear programming in Python can be defined either to maximize or minimize which is the main aim of the problem.

Any feasible solution to D is an upper bound to P, and any feasible solution to P is a lower bound to D. To improve the efficiency of the simplex algorithm, George Dantzig and W. CPLEX uses the revised simplex algorithm, with a number of improvements.

As can be seen above the optimal choices affecting the cost change as the price per unit of steak and peanut butter changes. The manufacturing industry implements linear programming as the principal optimization tool to generate more profit for the organization. A graphical representation of the constraints and objective is shown in the figure below. The contour lines are the objective and the vertices are labeled.

While working with linear programming in Python, the basic method for solving is the simplex method, which consists of several variants. One department specializes in wood tables, chairs, and bookcases. These are made using three resources labor, wood, and machine time. The department has 60 hours of labor available each day, 16 hours of machine time, and 400 board feet of wood. A consultant has developed a linear programming model for the department.

Problem description: telephone production

So, with the optimal value, we have charted out a diet plan that minimizes the budget and maximizes the nutritional components for the individual. Now we create dictionaries of the food items with each of the nutritional components. But if the values are discrete – in the case of integer programming – then it leads to a non-convex optimization problem. A non-convex function “curves up and down” — it is neither convex nor concave, as shown in the figure below.

  • A nutritional component’s minimum and maximum bounds define the inequality constraints.
  • Complete Optimization ModelWe can also save this model in a .lp file which can be referred by anyone who is not familiar with our model.
  • In this step, we will solve the LP problem by calling solve() method.

That is, each plant will receive 8 tons of raw materials, as was necessary. To get started, take the simplest linprog Python example to figure out how scipy.optimize.linprog() works. There is some uniform cargo that needs to be transported from n warehouses to m plants.

Symbolic representation of an LP

Also, because the residual on the first inequality constraint is 39, we can decrease the right hand side of the first constraint by 39 without affecting the optimal solution. Method highs-ds is a wrapper of the C++ high performance dual revised simplex implementation , . Method highs-ipmis a wrapper of a C++ implementation of an interior-pointmethod ; it features a crossover routine, so it is as accurate as a simplex solver. For new code involving linprog, we recommend explicitly choosing one of these three method values. Linear programming and mixed-integer linear programming are popular and widely used techniques, so you can find countless resources to help deepen your understanding.

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Microsoft and Jeff Bezos Tap Excel, Not Python Or R, To Teach Kids ….

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In conclusion, we note that linear programming problems are still relevant today. The complexities of optimization in Python are very well developed and have excellent implementation in libraries. They allow you to solve a lot of current problems, for example, in planning project management, economic tasks, creating strategic planning.

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Generally, an organization or a company has mainly two objectives, the first one is minimization and the other is maximization. Minimization means to minimize the total cost of production while maximization means to maximize their profit. So with the help of linear programming graphical method, we can find the optimum solution.

All the points on line AB are optimal solutions, with the same objective value, because they are all extreme points within the feasible region. Recall that the feasible region of an LP is the region delimited by the constraints, and it represents all feasible solutions. In this graphic, the variables DeskProduction and CellProduction are abbreviated to be desk and cell instead. Look at this diagram and search intuitively for the optimal solution.

Introduction to Linear Programming

The linear objective and constraints must consist of linear expressions. Decision variables are restricted to satisfy a set of linear equality and/or inequality constraints. We will also be handling a simpler but similar kind of problem today. The values of the decision variables that minimizes the objective function while satisfying the constraints. The feasible solution that corresponds to maximal z is the optimal solution. If you were trying to minimize the objective function instead, then the optimal solution would correspond to its feasible minimum.

  • There are different options of solvers that we can use, there are free and paid options.
  • For example, the dual price of a binding resource constraint can be used to determine whether more of the resource should be purchased or not.
  • For new code involving linprog, we recommend explicitly choosing one of these three method values.
  • Now that we are familiar with the terminologies let us throw some more light on Mixed-Linear integer programming.

After using the python linear programming function, we need a way to show the results, otherwise, by just using the solve function the results won`t be printed. The first print has the function to show the status of our solution, if it is an optimal, not solved, infeasible, unbounded, or undefined solution. Then we have a for loop using the varValue method to show the values of our decision variables. The last print is used to show the value of our objective function. Scipy.optimize.linprog The SciPy linear programming library minimizes a linear objective function subject to linear equality and inequality constraints. Optionally, the problem is automatically scaled via equilibration .


In the objective function we are trying to minimize the cost and all our decision variables are in place. It is a good idea to print the model while creating it to understand if we have missed upon something or not. Note that we further put our constraints now based upon the maximum and the minimum intake of the nutritional components in our data set. Do not forget the motive, we intend to minimize the cost considering these constraints on the components or the decision variables.

This allows us to quickly and efficiently solve the problems encountered by our customers. This example was considered for demonstration, but in fact, this approach allows us to solve problems with millions of components, for example, in a transport problem. With the growth of modern requirements for the implementation of projects in the shortest possible time and with an optimal budget, the task of linear programming can be used in almost all areas. This method is quite simple, but at the same time allows for significant budget savings. Contact Svitla Systems for the necessary advice in the field of datascience and outsourcing of projects in various fields that will be completed reliably and on time.

You use the sense parameter to choose whether to perform minimization or maximization (LpMaximize or -1). SciPy doesn’t allow you to define maximization problems directly. The order of the rows for the left and right sides of the constraints must be the same.

Problem that are degenerate, are often not dual degenerate, and vice versa. You can determine which constraints are binding in a solution by examining the slack values with DOcplex. Because CPLEX Optimizer operates on finite precision computers, it uses an optimality tolerance to test the reduced costs. The reduced cost of a variable gives an indication of the amount the objective will change with a unit increase in the variable value. In LP, the optimal objective values of D and P are equivalent, and occurs where these bounds meet.