What Does a DevOps Engineer Do? A Career Guide

Networks play a significant role in today’s IT operations, so you need a basic understanding of concepts such as routers, switches, IPs, etc. In the DevOps culture, all these parties are equally important, and their respective insights all carry the same value. A DevOps Engineer ensures that this is understood, practiced, and supported by the team.

  • With containerization, a technology popularized by Docker, the code for the application and its runtime environment are bundled in the same image.
  • DevOps engineers should have a lot of experience with software tools and coding languages.
  • These platforms are best suited for microservices-based architecture.
  • A DevOps engineer is responsible for the smooth operation of a company’s IT infrastructure.
  • You can work in IT, system administration or software development to get this experience.

In every organization, mission-critical applications are monitored 24/7 using monitoring dashboards. Generally, dashboards use data from logging sources or metrics generated by the application. We are in an era where there will be so many advancements in technology devops engineer how to become through AI tools. As an engineer, it is essential to use Generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard to learn the core basics without spending much time. Because these tools can converse with you can provide explanations in simple language.

Soft Skills

Additional resources – including AWS Builder Labs and game-based learning to complement your prep – are available with a subscription on AWS Skill Builder. You may have noticed how much of being a DevOps engineer hinges on learning the right skills and certifications. This online DevOps bootcamp will help you become a DevOps engineer in just nine months. Containers package and isolate the applications that the DevOps team runs. Developers often use containers in CI/CD pipelines and production workloads.

CI/CD introduces ongoing automation and continuous monitoring throughout the lifecycle of apps, from integration and testing phases to delivery and deployment. Development teams and IT operations teams can have different skills and different goals. Developers want to introduce new features to an application, while operations teams want to preserve the stability of an application once it is released. Well, DevOps Engineer is one of the most highly paid job roles in the world. Obviously, salary depends on multiple factors like – company, skills, geography etc.

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As a DevOps Engineer, you’ll need the ability to encourage a collaborative culture — even among people who are used to working solo. Continuous deployment refers to automatically sending the changes made by a developer from the repository to production, where end-users can use it. This saves valuable time since the operations team doesn’t have to do it themselves. As a result, the final product is more effective, and you save time because each component jives with the others. A DevOps Engineer ensures all this happens smoothly and consistently throughout the development life cycle.

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